Introducing Close Calls

by Declan Ryan



Introducing Close Calls- debut EP with the new full band. Out now on Secret Audio Club! Order online at


released 23 April 2013
Declan Ryan - guitars, vocals
Stephen Roessner - drums, percussion, keyboard, vocals
Ryan Maher - guitars, bass
Karrah Teague - vocals

Produced/engineered/mixed/mastered by Stephen Roessner at Calibrated Recording.



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Track Name: Manhattan Square
We watched the sky that night. I drank bourbon, she drank wine, and we laughed about starting over again. We sang songs from better times, and though we forgot some lines, we reached the end. “The world's too big to see from here,” with a razorblade smile from ear to ear. I took off running toward big midwest skies. She said, “we'll bend, but we won't
break,” while the phonograph crackled like a witch at the stake. Back in those days we had something to hide. And through the breeze and chill in the summer sky, I sat with you beneath those downtown lights. And in a blaze of streetlight stars and shoelace stares, we said our last goodbyes over Manhattan Square. I'm driving around this town, nothing to stop me now. Got nowhere to go. Ghost Tales on the stereo.
Track Name: Then Don't Hipst
All my lovers' names are on highway signs, so blow a kiss to the state line. And pray we don't come back this way for quite some time. These yellow lines and Jersey walls, you've seen them once, you've seen them all. Still, it's a front row seat as the summer turns to fall. So just stop talking so loud, and throw that right hammer down, and burn away those
miles of radio wasteland. I've climbed this hill at least a thousand times. Enough to know this city is mine. And I've watched as she tried to hide her stars behind these skies. I wrote home, “the view has changed.” I told a lie. We'll forget these fools that we've known, circle 'round and pick the last good times off these bones, and burn away those miles of radio
Track Name: Weekend at Shark Tank
My dear, I swear we will never grow old, singing mediocre country songs about life on the road. Or the winter of 2009, when we learned to live and tried to die. Or the way you hear the bells from here at night sometimes, when the wind is right. And girl, I know you say you've got to go, when you're a dove and I'm just another crow. But I'm sure someday we'll talk sometime when the autumn air and cheap red wine remind you of those days when you were mine. But you know, it was another life. We couldn't get back there if we tried. But we'll be here in memory and melody. The basement ghosts of twenty two, the ghosts of nothing left to lose. And you'll be here, singing alongside of me, even when we've long forgot the tune. A grove of flower tattoos, singing out “born to lose.” If it's boredom or heartache, you know what I'll choose.
Track Name: Two and Seven
You're sitting on my bed, not saying much at all. Outside with the cold, the wind shakes the walls. Another glass of water, I can almost stand. Two and seven tipping in a wavering hand. Hoping in the morning nothing looks the same. There's this feeling that's got me, doubt it's got a name. It's a state route sign against the snowy land; it's a leaky heart or it's a swollen gland. So now we ask, through blackened eyes and bitter tongues: was all this youth just wasted on our lungs? With these calloused hands shaking, and guts all wont to rot. I know you've been there too, so just forgive if I forgot that I was singing this one just
for you.