Song for the Lion Tamers

from by Declan Ryan



Song for the Lion Tamers was recorded by Jesse Sprinkle at Bluebrick Recordings in March 2014. The video for the song is available here:


Won't you meet me by the reservoir tonight? I'm tired; I've been out here all alone. No one ever said this dirty-windshield life won't be lonely, but I thought that if I wandered long enough, the whole world might start to feel like home. (We'll) climb these crumbling industries that time somehow forgot. Wash our souls in the Northern flow, and try to stop the rot. We'll wrench outrageous fortune. May each demand be granted. We'll live like kings in this barren place 'til we get caught red-handed. Take the 49 up from the City tonight. I'll meet you at the station if you do. I can't promise that I haven't been drinking, and these nights get cold, but for what it's worth, it's a hell of a view.
I was born in a dead man's town. Shuffle up the years like cards and lay them down. Don't make me explain, 'cause I don't think I can. Just walk with me a while. I've got no plans.


from Introducing Close Calls, track released May 6, 2014
Declan Ryan - guitar/vocals
Matt Avery - bass/vocals
Ryan Maher - guitar
Frank DiCesare - drums
Jesse Sprinkle - tambourine



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Declan Ryan Rochester, New York

Alongside songwriter Declan Ryan (guitar, vocals), Close Calls features Frank DiCesare (drums), Ryan Maher (guitar) and Matt Avery (bass). The debut EP, Introducing Close Calls, is available now.

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