Weekend at Shark Tank

from by Declan Ryan



My dear, I swear we will never grow old, singing mediocre country songs about life on the road. Or the winter of 2009, when we learned to live and tried to die. Or the way you hear the bells from here at night sometimes, when the wind is right. And girl, I know you say you've got to go, when you're a dove and I'm just another crow. But I'm sure someday we'll talk sometime when the autumn air and cheap red wine remind you of those days when you were mine. But you know, it was another life. We couldn't get back there if we tried. But we'll be here in memory and melody. The basement ghosts of twenty two, the ghosts of nothing left to lose. And you'll be here, singing alongside of me, even when we've long forgot the tune. A grove of flower tattoos, singing out “born to lose.” If it's boredom or heartache, you know what I'll choose.


from Introducing Close Calls, released April 23, 2013



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Declan Ryan Rochester, New York

Alongside songwriter Declan Ryan (guitar, vocals), Close Calls features Frank DiCesare (drums), Ryan Maher (guitar) and Matt Avery (bass). The debut EP, Introducing Close Calls, is available now.

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